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Google Adsense is a tool used by many big companies, news agencies, and publishers and even small bloggers to run advertisements on their website. Google Adsense is a branch of Google that manages ads on any website. Not only website, whenever we watch a Youtube video, we see ads, that from Google Adsense. Adsense is a platform to monetize your content, This platform is managed by by Google itself.

Side rails ads in Google Adsense

Side rails ads in Google Adsense

Google has recently added a new Ads format in adsense, which now enables website owners to place ads on the side of their website, which will appear even while the user scrolls. For more information about this new Google Adsense update, click here. These ads will only be visible to desktop users.

In an update from Google Adsense, they said the new format for ads will be Side Rails. This format will be displayed on the side of your website and will stick to it.

If you already have anchor ads turned on your website, they will appear according to the layout, and if they are not willing on to run this ad, you can easily turn off them manually.

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